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Regular Chinese Lesson(for ages 13 and up)

Introductory to advanced levels

Chinese lessons tailored to different levels

We offer Chinese lessons for a wide range of levels, from beginner to advanced. We will select the textbook to be used according to each student's level and needs. We can provide lessons in simplified Chinese characters and pinyin upon request, as well as in traditional Chinese characters and in the phonetic alphabet (Bopomofo). Please feel free to contact your teacher to discuss your needs.

Introductory level

Original textbooks, "實用視聽華語1", "當代中文課程1", "五百字說華語", etc.

Lesson Content

First, you will learn the basic Chinese pronunciation and diacritics (注音符号, pinyin). Listen carefully to the teacher's pronunciation and try to imitate it. If there are words or sentences you learn during the lesson, be conscious of using Chinese as much as possible to answer, ask questions, or talk with the teacher, instead of relying on English. For those who are learning Chinese for the first time, pronunciation may seem a bit difficult. The four tones and diacritics are especially important, so be sure to learn them well.

Beginner level

Original textbooks, "實用視聽華語1・2", "當代中文課程2・3", etc.

Lesson Content

Students will learn basic Chinese grammar and vocabulary. In the lessons, you will learn new grammar and vocabulary and read conversational passages from the textbooks, while gradually training yourself to respond and ask questions in Chinese in conversations with the instructor. In the beginner level lessons, it is important to first become familiar with the Chinese environment. In the conversation with the teacher, you will also learn accurate pronunciation at the same time. This is the stage where you will get used to Chinese pronunciation little by little. There is no need to rush. The shortcut to improvement is to listen to the teacher's Chinese a lot and try to speak using Chinese a lot even if you make mistakes. You should also get used to Chinese characters little by little.

Intermediate level

Original textbooks, "實用視聽華語4", "當代中文課程4・5", "中級華語", etc.

Lesson Content

You are at a level where you can converse only in Chinese, but there are still many words and phrases that you do not understand. Unless you have difficulty understanding, we will improve your conversational ability through lessons using only Chinese, without relying on English. From this point on, we will challenge you with slightly more difficult words, idioms and grammar. As for those who have difficulty in speaking, it is a good idea to try to make your responses as long as possible. For those at this level, we also recommend that you include watching Chinese dramas and movies as part of your regular study.

Advanced level

Original textbooks, "實用視聽華語5", "當代中文課程6", general books, etc.

Lesson Content

Those who have studied mainly from textbooks up to now will be able to improve their level by gradually incorporating general Chinese sentences into their studies. It is recommended that you learn not only colloquial Chinese but also written Chinese together. The best way to learn Chinese is to consult with your teacher to improve your level according to your goals and objectives. If you want to improve your Chinese in the field of business, you can practice Chinese interpretation or conversation with your teacher in a variety of work-related situations. In addition, you should practice conversation on a wide range of topics, such as current affairs, as well as familiar topics in the lessons. As a result, you will be able to learn more natural expressions.