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No.34 Yves Yu
余致毅老師(yú zhì yì)

【Student feedback】
★★★★熱心に教えてくださいます。学習方法も提案してくださるいい先生です。ただ先生の話し(説明)を聞いている時間の方が長かった気がします。(ほとんど中国語だったのでリスニングの練習にはなったかもしれません)次回はもっと中国語を話したいです。 ★★★★★発音がとても聴き取りやすかったです。楽しく受講できました!
Languages Supported    Chinese  Taiwanese  English  Japanese  
Supported Lessons Regular Chinese Lesson/Business Chinese/Chinese Test Preparation/Chinese lessons for children/C-POP
academic background
 Swiss Hotel Management School Hotel Operations Management(graduate school)
 蘇州大學旅遊管理  (university)

TQUK-Chinese Language Teacher Certification 
Teaching Chinese to Speakers of Other Languages (TCSOL)
TCBP-Business Chinese Language Teacher Qualification
TCYL-Children's Chinese Language Teacher Qualification Certificate
Japanese-Language Proficiency Test(N2)

December 2023-Lessons begin at TCEC
Pier Head Prep Montessori School(Experience of teaching British and Chinese )

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After graduating from high school in Taiwan. I went to China, studying at Soochow University. After that, I went to Switzerland to continue my postgraduate studies. And I have over a years' experience of teaching Mandarin to young learners in London. I have good English and Japanese ability.

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