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于兆雯老師(yú zhào wén) 

【Student feedback】

★★★★★謝謝老師我講話的內容修改到適當的句子。今天下了課之後,我會複習今天學過的內容的。下次見 ★★★★★とても明るい先生で、身振り手振りで声調をわかりやすく教えていただきました。
Languages Supported     Chinese  Taiwanese  English
Supported Lessons Regular Chinese Lesson/Business Chinese/Chinese Test Preparation/C-POP
academic background

淡江大學西班牙語系(Spanish Language Department) (university)

華語文教師培訓班(Chinese Language Training Course Completion)

September 2022- Lessons begin at TCEC
Experienced elementary school teacher
Home Teacher(Chinese language instructor experience)

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My name is YU, Chao-Wen. I was born in Taipei and grew up here. My major in the university is Spanish. I can speak Chinese, Taiwanese and English. Besides, I can speak French. I love travelling all over the world. I like to watch movies and do yoga in my leisure time.

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