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No.56 Sherry Wu
吳敍百老師(wú xù bǎi)



【Student feedback】

★★★★★たくさん話す機会をくれました。(*^_^*)中国語を思い出すことができました。今度は先生ともっと勉強したいです。ホテルの言葉が台湾語で言えるようになりたいです。♥ ★★★★★分からない点もなんども繰り返し教えてくださるので理解しやすいです。とても勉強になりました。
Languages Supported   Chinese  Taiwanese  English 
Supported Lessons Regular Chinese Lesson/Business Chinese/Chinese Test Preparation/C-POP
academic background
 University of Texas at Austin (UT)課程與教學研究所 (graduate school)

Teaching Chinese to Speakers of Other Languages (TCSOL)

March 2023- Lessons begin at TCEC
National Taipei University Chinese Language Center (More than 10 years of experience teaching Chinese)

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Hello, my name is Sherry. I have taught in National Taipei University for almost ten years. My students are from different countries all over the world. I have taught students from beginning to intermediate levels. I have also taught subject courses, such as, learning Chinese from food and traveling. Welcome to learn Chinese with me! 


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