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No.61 Chris Yang
楊智涵老師(yáng zhì hán)

【Student feedback】

★★★★★謝謝老師! ★★★★★抱歉,今天我的聽力不好了。下次課也很期待! ★★★★★今天也謝謝老師! ★★★★★とても楽しいレッスンでした!ありがとうございました! ★★★★★今天謝謝老師!下次課也很期待! ★★★★★今天也謝謝你! ★★★★★今天也謝謝你! ★★★★★今天也謝謝老師! ★★★★★復習しながら、新しいことも教えてくださりありがとうございました! ★★★★★she is very kind.Although I asked her questions many times, she try to explain me in many ways.Thank you for your kindness. ★★★★★教えていただいた例文が実用的でとてもわかりやすかったです。得るものが多いレッスンでした。
Languages Supported  Chinese   English  Japanese        
Supported Lessons Regular Chinese Lesson/Business Chinese/Chinese Test Preparation/Chinese lessons for children/C-POP
academic background

銘傳大學華語文教學系 Department of Chinese Language Education(university)

Business English Level 3
Japanese-Language Proficiency Test(N3)

March 2022- Lessons begin at TCEC
Hungary 匈牙利玉山中文學校(Chinese language instructor experience)
Philippines  菲律賓聖公會中學(Chinese language instructor experience)

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I am from the Chinese Second Language Teaching Department of Ming Chuan University.I am good at English,Japanese,Chinese,and also good at music(guitar,piano,ukulele,violin).Currently,I hold a business English proficiency certificate.I have been in Chinese-Jade Mountain Mandarin School and in St.Stephen’s High school be an online Chines teacher
an online Chinese teacher.I also have face-to-face trial teaching experience in the school.I have also served as a small Japanese tour guide in two travel agencies.If you want to learn anything,I am willing to complete it with you!

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