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No.65 KuoLung Chang
張國龍老師(zhāng guó lóng)

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Languages Supported    Chinese       English 
Supported Lessons Regular Chinese Lesson/Business Chinese/Chinese Test Preparation/Chinese lessons for children/C-POP
academic background
國立臺東大學華語文學系華語文碩士班(graduate school)

September 2023- Lessons begin at TCEC
Sacred Heart High School Online Chinese Teacher (Chinese Teacher Experience)
Chiang Rai High School, Thailand (Chinese Teacher Experiences)
Chinese language volunteer at Taipei European Elementary School (Chinese teacher experience)
Mandarin Conversation Teacher at Busan Overseas Chinese Elementary School (Chinese teacher experience)
Online Chinese Teacher, Department of Chinese, Tu Long Mu University, Vietnam (Chinese Teacher Experienced)
Chinese Conversation Teacher, Department of Chinese, University of Tu Long Mu, Vietnam (Chinese Teacher Experiences)
Intermediate Summer Chinese Camp Teacher, Empress Dowager University, Chiang Rai, Thailand (Chinese Teacher Experiences)

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Hi, everyone. I am teacher Chang Kuo-Lung. I like watching movies and TV series. If you like to talk about movies and series, welcome to my class. Hope that we have a pleasant Chinese class.


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