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王品婷老師(wáng pǐn tíng)

【Student feedback】

★★★★教材に沿って、楽しく練習できました。発音で直した方が良いところも教えてください。 ★★★★★謝謝老師一直聽我隨便提到的話題。還有我們分享了最近工作的情況。下次見 ★★★★★最好的老師! ★★★★★優しく丁寧に発音を分かりやすく教えてもらいました。例文を使いながらの説明も理解しやすかったです。
Languages Supported    Chinese  Taiwanese  English  Japanese
Supported Lessons Regular Chinese Lesson/Business Chinese/Chinese lessons for children/C-POP
academic background
淡江大學法國語文學系(French Language Department)(university)

淡江大學 華語教育學程 (Chinese Language Training Course Completion)

May 2022- Lessons begin at TCEC

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Hello everyone, My name is Sophia.
If you’re interested in learning Chinese or Taiwanese culture, feel free to join my lesson. Without having to travel abroad or go to even more cram school. I invite you to join me online and start speaking like a native today. See you there.

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